Happy New Year!

I wrote a few posts recently that might be relevant as you think about 2023:

The last one is the most inspiring if you already feel short on time for your 2023 goals.

This year, I'm focusing on building registered.dev — a pre and post sales tool for collaborating during the technical sales process in a much better way.

My stretch goal for the year is to finish the MAVP and close six deals for Registered.

One favor: if you know anyone who works in pre-sales or post-sales at a DevTool company (roles like Sales Engineering, Customer Success, Technical Account Management, RevOps), I'd love an introduction (forward or reply to this email 🙏).

If your 2023 goals involve building with Next.js, learning sales, or shipping products, I’d love to hear about them.


Drew Bredvick

Making the web faster at ▲Vercel while bootstrapping SaaS on the side. Currently building tryslater.com ⏰

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