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It's been a while since my last update. I've written a few essays and recorded my first podcast.


While I can't connect the dots yet (btw, read the new Steve Jobs book), I'm certain learning sales will be one of the major drivers of my success in the coming years.

Read more here: https://drew.tech/posts/learning-sales-as-an-engineer.

AI trends

Lots of folks are pontificating about AI without building anything. I don't plan to be one of them.

AI will dramatically change the go-to-market world. This is largely focused on the GTM space, but the thoughts apply to other verticals: https://drew.tech/posts/ai-meets-gtm.

I've been working on an on-device transcription app that uses Whisper to record what I'm saying all day and store it locally — creepy but useful: https://drew.tech/posts/whisper-on-device.

Last but not least, all recommendations on my blog are now powered by embeddings via OpenAI. It's wild that this work (contextual search & recommendations) previously took months of dev time, and now it takes hours: https://drew.tech/posts/ai-blog-post-recommendations.

The common theme is that the quickest way to learn is to do.

Try to sell your project to a customer, build a toy app to test out AI, or develop a new feature with ChatGPT as your pair — in short: ship.



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